We provide exceptional medical billing services to healthcare providers, ensuring accurate and timely reimbursement, and maximizing their revenue.

We are one of the best health billing services in US, serving the healthcare community for the past 10 years.

Our company places a strong emphasis on accuracy to ensure that claims are processed correctly the first time

We prioritize compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, ensuring that our clients remain in good standing and avoid any legal issues.

Our team works quickly and efficiently to ensure that claims are processed and payments are received in a timely manner, helping to improve cash flow for our clients.

We believe in being transparent with our clients about all aspects of our billing process, including fees and any potential issues that arise.

Our Services

Our professional team handles your Medical billing, like claims, quick Submission of the claims, proficient AR follow-up, denial management, Appeals drafting, payment posting, Reporting, and deep analysis to increase revenue.

Our team is dedicated to managing all aspects of your medical billing needs from claims and submission, following up on accounts receivable, managing denials and drafting appeals, to payment posting and reporting.

Additionally, we offer comprehensive in-depth analysis to help you effectively be managed for increasing your revenue.

Revenue Cycle Management

We provide comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management Solutions to its clients. We Realize the importance of Your Revenue,  We take care of your Medical billing burdens and you take care of your Patient’s Health.

Medical Billing

Our aim is to Manage your patient’s health insurance claims and reimbursement of the higher payment for the services rendered

Error Free - Electronic Claim Submission

Our professional Medical Billing Specialists make sure clean and error-free claims are being submitted


Our professional credentialing experts provide fast credentialed services, either for new or existing, individual or group clients by working with the insurance companies to fill out the initial enrollment application, and keep track and verify all necessary steps to obtain timely approvals for providers.

Real-Time Patient Eligibility

We offer Real-time insurance verification and patient eligibility through phone calls, fax, and emails for specific medical procedures and coverage before the services get started.

Charge Entry

Our professional Medical Billers review superbills and effectively create the patients demographics and claim information for submission  to the insurance companies, after fixing any errors on claims.

Medical Coding

Our certified teams of Medical Coders provide ICD-10 codes, and HCPCS coding solutions, which can benefit your practice health. Our experienced team of Medical coders will review your claims and make necessary edits before submitting them to payers.

Denial Management

We handle a successfully effective claim tracking & technical tool system for effective follow-up on claims to ensure that our clients get paid faster by providing efficient Denial Management solutions to resolve unpaid claims.

Account Receivables

Our competent follow-up team works on every type of complex denial to connect with healthcare service providers, patients, and insurance companies and processes the due payments through (Insurance calls and drafting Appeals).

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